Johnny Galecki expects to see pink soon

A week after Galecki, 43, and his girlfriend Alaina Meyer confirm that they were expecting their first child, Big Bang Theory star appeared in The Talk where he opened his little bundle of joy on the way.

While he was chatting with the hosts, Galecki was asked about his bright pink nails and whether the color was any indication of the sex of his next child. Although the choice was mainly about superstitions, Galecki revealed that he was secretly waiting for a daughter.

“I get a little bored looking exactly the same way for nine and a half months each year playing Leonard,” he said about his Big Bang character. “So we wrapped ourselves up and I blew some blue in my hair, so I got superstitious for being a boy when I preferred a girl.”

Picking himself up, the actor added, “Do not touch that ribbon for my son in a few years! “

” So I painted my pink nails to try to balance the energy there, “he concluded, noting that his baby's health was the most important thing to him.

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Do you want the latest pregnancy and birth announcements as well as celebrity moms blogs? Click here to get this and more in the PEOPLE Babies newsletter . During the show, cohost Sara Gilbert also shared a funny story about how Galecki revealed to her that his girlfriend was waiting for the final party of Big Bang Theory .

“I'm sitting with Johnny and his girlfriend … and he's like,” I have to tell you, we're expecting a baby, “recalled Gilbert. “When he said that, I started to cry, so tears rolled down my face … and Stephanie, see me and she approaches and says:” I know, is not it so sad that the show is ending? “19659002]” And I could not say anything, so I was like, “Oh yes, yes,” Gilbert, 44, added.

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Last week, People exclusively confirmed that the actor, who participated in the Theory of the Big Bang for more than a decade, and his 21-year-old girlfriend, was expecting her first child together .

“We are absolutely on the moon to announce that soon we will be welcoming a little one in this crazy and wonderful world,” the couple told PEOPLE.

“We ask that you respect our privacy during this commemorative period for us and our families. There is truly love for all. We hope that ours is your embers, because we feel that yours is our ember, “added Galecki and Meyer. Johnny Galecki and his girlfriend make the red carpet debut as a couple in the choice of people Awards

The couple went public with their novel in September 2018 and made its debut in November on E! Then in December of the same year, Meyer canceled engagement rumors after fans speculated on his status on Instagram

Galecki shared a photo for Instagram of himself and Meyer with their arms around each other and both wearing rings on their ring fingers.

While the bands stimulated speculation among some Galecki fans that the two might marry – “I see matching rings,” one Instagram user said, while another commented, “Are you married?” – Meyer established the record.

Posting the same photo that her boyfriend shared, Meyer subtitled the image, “#notmarried. “

Watch this post on Instagram

Happy birthday to this miracle man! I feel so lucky every day that I wake up with him. I love you sir  ♥   ?

A post shared by Alaina Marie Avery Meyer (@alainamariemeyer) on April 30, 2019 at 10:46 PDT [19659031] //

While Galecki is on the moon about her baby on the way, do not expect her Big Bang character to be a father too.

During the current season 12 and final, Leonard and his wife Penny (Kaley Cuoco) had discussions about setting up a family together. However, during the episode “The Paintball Scattering”, Leonard tells Stuart (Kevin Sussman) that he is terrified of pushing Penny to have a child (something she said she does not want) and subsequently she terminates their relationship.

At the risk of losing Penny, Leonard told his wife that he changed his mind when he wanted to have a baby with her.

The end of the two-part series of the Big Bang Theory debuts on May 16 at 8pm. EST on CBS

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