A Hawaiian tour helicopter crashed from the sky on Monday morning, killing three passengers aboard the Honolulu suburb of Kailua, according to the

Associated Press.

only half an hour out of downtown Honolulu – I woke up to the sight of the aviation incident that morning.

“All you could see was fire,” Melissa Solomon, a witness who said she was driving on the street when she saw the helicopter dip in the sky and the crash, she told The Associated Press.

Shayne Enright of Honolulu Emergency Medical Services told the station that she was responding to an unrelated call when she heard “a horrible crash” about 30 meters away.

“When they got there, the neighbors were doing a heroic job trying to put out the fire and also trying to keep the patients away from the burning aircraft,” Enright said.

Following the morning crash, Federal A spokesman for the Administration, Ian Gregor, told The Associated Press that although the cause of the accident is still unknown, it is believed that the helicopter – registered at United Helicopter Leasing LLC of Honolulu , according to FAA records – had three passengers on board. Robinson R44

State business records have identified Nicole Vandelaar as founder and CEO of the Novictor Helicopters tourism company, which runs the United Helicopter Leasing company through which the helicopter was registered.

According to the Novictor On the website of Helicopters Vandelaar is a commercially licensed specialist pilot to pilot helicopters and airplanes.

Novictor Helicopters did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request to comment.

Since the crash, Hawaii's Rep. Cynthia Thielen has called for state congressional delegation to ask the Federal Aviation Administration to implement restrictions to ban aviation. I am flying over the state's residential areas and national parks.

According to the AP, the Republican representative also requested that the tour's helicopter flights be grounded during the accident investigation.

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